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Un documentaire évènement

MEGAPOLIS (4x52 Prime time ) RMC

The history of men is intimately linked to urbanization and progress. If the cultures differ, the cities have nevertheless grown and evolved by obeying the same human dynamics, with progress intended to improve their life in society, in a given place.  


Combining the filmed remains of the first megacities with unprecedented 3D reconstructions, the ambition of this series is to resuscitate the first megacities of universal history at the time of their apogee, so that they reveal to us a little of the life of the ancient men and the immense variety of human genius.

RMC Découverte (France), Tout l'Histoire (France), The History Chanel Iberia SL (Spain), TV5 Québec Canada (Canada), Viasat World Limited WeltN24 (Germany), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), RAI 1 (Italy) ...

THE WAR OF THE AS (2x52 Prime time) - Arte


Rise in the air alongside "  of aces of aces  » and discover the Great War seen from the sky, as close as possible to men, during the First World War.

4 years, from 1914 to 1918, where great history was written between the lines of the story of combat missions experienced by 5 pilots of excellence, German, French and British - the Red Baron, Ernst Udet, Georges Guynemer, René Fonck and Edward Mannock.-

How these pilots became international stars  ? The opportunity to share with them the intensity of the greatest air battles from 1914 to 1918 including the terrible battle of Verdun and to penetrate into the intimacy of these men of varied origins and backgrounds,  with the common point of the desire to shine in the air by serving their country.  Germans, French, British, who were these pilots  ?



Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition, a scholarly and military adventure.


May 1798. At the head of an army of 36,000 men, Bonaparte sets out to conquer Egypt. Goals  : Drive out the Mamluks who occupy Egypt, then a possession of the Ottoman Empire, and cut off the road to India from the English in order to ruin their trade.


Sure of his victory, Bonaparte was accompanied by 167 scholars from all disciplines whose mission is to support the military campaign and study Egypt in all its aspects with a view to a lasting settlement.



(2x52 Prime time ) - Arte


Proposes in two episodes to deal with Napoleon's Russian Campaign, emphasizing the aspect  human of it in the two camps, French and Russian. Discover the tragedy that it was for the Grande Armée as the union and the  fierce resistance from their Russian adversaries. 1 million men clashed.


The Grande Armée numbered 500  000 men at the start of the Campaign, only 30  000 returned  ! Considered as one more military campaign for Napoleon, it reasoned as a patriotic war among the Russians.


An extreme journey where hundreds of thousands died in combat but also of cold, hunger and exhaustion.  From the crossing of the Niemen to the march on Moscow, from the Battle of Borodino to the burning of Moscow, then the retreat and the tragic crossing of the Berezina.

A miniseries of two 52-minute episodes, in the form of a docu-fiction  of prestige combining real filming and the richness of 3D reconstructions.  

INDIGENES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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