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"  Bonaparte, the Egyptian campaign  proposes in two episodes to treat the Campaign of Egypt of Bonaparte.


After having distinguished himself in Italy, Bonaparte left for the East to conquer new glories. Its mission is multiple: military, political and scientific. It was up to him to deliver Egypt from the tyranny of the Mamluks, to cut the road to India with the idea of ruining the English, to spread enlightenment and to study the country.


The victorious general, aged 29, is free to organize this Egyptian campaign as he sees fit and decides, for the first time, to associate scholars with a military expedition!  Édouard de Villiers du Terrage, a young scientist, and Kléber, an experienced general, testify to this expedition and bring us their dual scientific and military perspectives.

After immense preparations, more than 36,000 soldiers, 10,000 sailors and 167 scientists embarked in Toulon aboard 400 ships, without knowing their destination or the duration of the expedition.  


Double look at this incredible expedition, associating opposite worlds, military and scientific, treated more particularly on the side of the scholars.


Between the unknown, culture shock, divergence of interests between soldiers and scientists, in the midst of epic battles, resistance from the population, our scientists accomplish their missions and will make incredible ancient discoveries and sign the birth certificate of the Egyptology and Modern Archaeology.


A miniseries of two 52-minute episodes, in the form of a docu-fiction  of prestige combining real filming and the richness of 3D reconstructions. 

Authors  : Jacques DUBUISSON – Stephanie HAUVILLE –  Fabrice HOULIER

Director  : Fabrice HOULIER

Actors: Fabian Wolfrom  (Villiers), Felix BEAUPERIN (Jollois) Thibault PINSON (Bonaparte) Olivier SALADIN (Denon) Jean-Christophe BOUVET (Monge) David FISHER (Caffarelli) Andy GILLET (Desaix) Pascal PARMENTIER (Kléber)   Thomas LEMPIRE (Saint-Hilaire)


Kind  : Docu-Fiction
Number of episodes
  : 2 X 52'

Executive production  : NATIVE
  : Arte


NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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