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INDIGENES is an audiovisual production company specializing in television programs using new technologies, mastering  the real and virtual mix with harmony. In the majority of its productions, the actors or animators are shot in real life while all the sets, foregrounds and backgrounds are entirely created in 3D. Ambitious productions that appeal to France internationally and especially to the USA, Australia, China, Russia, England, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Middle East...


INDIGENES, or an affair of the heart with new technologies, has naturally specialized in the production of television programs using 3D computer graphics, special effects, green screen filming and high-end post-production.


This specific know-how, resulting from the constant development of graphic tools "  House  » such as spatial compositing in multilayers, virtual crowd management…, suddenly offers a new mode of artistic expression whose limits have no other brake than those of the imagination.



Subject: Real actors in virtual sets  or mix and match real shots with CGI


Spatial Compositing:

This process was born from a desire for greater freedom in creation, to succeed in the bet of giving birth to the imagined shots, by canceling the usual constraints inherent in conventional filming (in particular a limited number of axes, or movements camera impossible to achieve).


Spatial Compositing is designed to harmoniously integrate video rushes into virtual sets, and allow freedom of movement that has no other restraint than that of the mind. This innovative technique is particularly suitable for historical re-enactment and innovative broadcasts. In particular, it makes it possible to give pride of place to very wide and moving shots and truly gives its letters of introduction to the spectacular in prestige reconstruction documentaries as well as in entertaining cultural programs.

In the name of Athens Making of - ARTE

First, the actors are filmed by a fixed camera in the studio, on a green screen. They move and play in costumes in front of this motionless camera. Spatial Compositing, a special process, will then allow these rushes of our actors to be faked and integrated into one or more 3D sets (a port, a bedroom, the deck of a ship, etc.), or even to multiply .


Completely virtual sets and foregrounds are created and calculated separately. They are based on in-depth research, which can be current visual references (real filming in natural settings to preserve the geographical configurations of the places) or period in the form of historical and archaeological research (original ship plan, cartography, model…) at the service of a vanished universe.


Finally, like a mille-feuille, the final image is assembled, composed. It is made up of 20% real (the actors), and 80% virtual, made up of backgrounds (a boat, the sea, the sky, etc.) and foregrounds (a statue, lush vegetation , ropes…), objects, shadows and reflections. In the end, a multitude of layers (the 1st shot of the film Trafalgar, for example, has 180 different layers) is added to each other and is mixed several times, refined, and delivered, on any axis and in movement, rich in detail and history. 

Apart from these own productions INDIGENES makes use of its tools and its expertise on numerous television programs.




NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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