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The history of men is intimately linked to urbanization and progress. If the cultures differ, the cities have nevertheless grown and evolved by obeying the same human dynamics, with progress intended to improve their life in society, in a given place.  


Combining the filmed remains of the first megacities with 3D reconstruction, the ambition of this series is to resuscitate the first megacities of universal history at the time of their apogee, so that they reveal to us a little of the life of men. of old and the immense variety of human genius.

Because one day men stopped being hunter-gatherers and settled down. They built houses, institutions, monuments, had a common language and culture, found comfort in their beliefs. Together, they conquered the land, exchanged and then traded its fruits; they invented and mastered writing and achieved extraordinary achievements. Their inventiveness has been revealed in many fields, both technical, artistic and literary… from their progress humanity has been nourished, enriched, to the point of leading us to the present time. And that amazes.

Based on the latest known historical and archaeological advances, this documentary series proposes to meet the civilizations of the past from the urban planning of the most emblematic cities: the Megacities of Antiquity. It presents them at their peak with their most remarkable monuments.



Format  :HD
Number of episodes
  :  4X52'

Producer: Stephanie HAUVILLE

Authors  : Stephanie HAUVILLE  – Fabrice HOURLER
  : Fabrice HOULIER

Music: Olivier LAFUMA

Voice: Jean-Pierre MICHAEL

Diffusion  : RMC Découverte (France), Tout l'Histoire (France), The History Chanel (Spain), TV5 Québec Canada (Canada), Viasat World Limited WeltN24 (Germany), Ceska TV (Czech Republic), RAI 1 (Italy). ..


Athens, located in the Attica region, on a deprived territory, will succeed in a crazy bet  : to make the Greek peninsula one of the cradles of Western civilisation. Athens would be the setting for this extremely brilliant and refined civilization of astonishing modernity, with a millennial influence!

Athens embodies a world, the Greek world of Antiquity and this immediately resonates with the arts and the foundations of democracy, but in many other fields as varied as architecture, sculpture, mathematics, philosophy, literature , theatre, sports…

This extraordinary city for its contemporaries was that of a nation of inventors determined to understand, improve and make the world… beautiful. Their legacy has left a universal imprint… and eternity to contemplate what they have built in Athens.

Athens, Athena


We are going to tell you about a mythical city, a unique city  ! A new Athens designed on African soil, located more than 200 km northwest of Cairo. It was the most brilliant Megapolis of the East, the city of Alexander the Great, the city that received the last breath of Cleopatra.

This is Alexandria”  the beautiful  », «  the admirable  ", nicknamed "  the counter of the world  »  ; an ancient megalopolis that knew how to erect incomparable monuments  : the largest Library in the ancient world, a veritable temple of knowledge, and a beacon so spectacular that it would become the 7th Wonder of the world, ready to light it up for centuries. You will discover the first modern city founded in the 4th century BC, the most cosmopolitan and original, at the crossroads of two worlds and cultures.


A splendid megalopolis which the ancients said was the greatest of all cities on the inhabited earth.  ". Here is Alexandria,  eternal and memorable  ".



Tikal  ! Occupied for more than a millennium, this megalopolis in the jungle on a territory of 123 km2 will bring together 12,000 buildings and radiate over more than 40 cities. We will discover the North Acropolis, the Lost World, its palace-fortresses, and measure the incredible efforts of Mayan architects and engineers to master a very hostile environment.

With primary tools, the Mayans will face a disturbing jungle, build villages, find solutions to cultivate fragile soils and use the resources that surround them. What marvelous builders were the Maya  : with the magnificent temple I said of the Great Jaguar or the sumptuous temple IV, the highest in all of Mesoamerica.

From the fascinating remains of the largest archaeological site of the Mayan civilization brought to light and unpublished reconstructions of its ancient face, here is the admirable Tikal or an invitation to the fascinating world of the ancient Mayas.

Tikal, Maya


Once upon a time… one of the most beautiful cities in the world, an eternal city  : Roma  ! Founded in Antiquity, the capital of the Roman Empire can be discovered here, in the 4th century of our era, thanks to spectacular computer-generated images. Here is the largest and most exceptional of all the cities of the ancient Mediterranean, the emblem of the power of an empire of 90 million inhabitants.


the arch and the vault will revolutionize architecture by offering to link gigantism to beauty, and to power, like the sumptuous "  domus aurea  ". The largest palace in Rome…  


And we will care about well-being and entertainment with the legendary and monumental Colosseum, the largest Roman amphitheater ever built, capable of containing 50  000 spectators.

Here is ROME and its impressive past, as you have never seen it.

INDIGENES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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