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1805, Europe is under the Napoleonic influence; but England resists.
To conquer the world, such is the ambition of the young emperor. Obtaining mastery of the seas is a necessity for those who only know how to think big.

England has the largest, most experienced and most technological fleet in the world. At its head, a hero: Admiral Nelson.
  Napoleon matured a plan: he wanted to invade England.  To do this, it has been developing for two years already, a huge stronghold on the Channel: it is the port of Boulogne sur mer...  


Intended to bring together the divisions of the French army, it can concentrate an immense flotilla. 150,000 men are now stationed there, ready to approach the island

The new port is capable of accommodating 3,000 boats. Napoleon intends to launch these thousands of small boats loaded with men, to attack England, under the protection of the powerful squadron of Admiral de Villeneuve.

But the Channel Strait is protected, a complex plan is hatched to move the English squadron away and allow Villeneuve to return in time to accomplish his supervisory mission.
  It won't. His journey will end in southern Spain, when he meets the man who will smash the Emperor's colonizing hopes and win the last great battle of the world's sailing navy.

This battle brings together 60 ships, 35,000 sailors and more than 5,000 guns.
On October 21, 1805 off Cape Trafalgar, the French fleet lost most of its ships. While a great sailor, Admiral Nelson wrote his name in history.


Kind  : Docu-Fiction
Number of episodes
  :  52'

Associated production: INDIGENES
  : Arte
  : Fabrice HOULIER

Actors:  Laurent Schilling, Jerome Pradon

NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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