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INDIGENES is interested in virtual reality and invites you to discover a 2-minute extract from its latest film "Aile contre aile" for a special 360° immersion.


Compete in a duel, have the spirit of competition, is it reserved for men ?…Not always, in the middle of the 20th century, in the 50s and 60s, it became a women's affair !


Two women, one name …Jacqueline ; the same passion… aviation, … the same determination : to be the fastest woman in the world ! " Jacky against Jacky » or the story of a frantic race for speed records, between Jacqueline COCHRAN, the American and Jacqueline Auriol, the Frenchwoman, in the immediate post-war period.


A major issue : the respective prestige of the wings of their country.  


360 video in relief


From Bonaparte to Napoleon.

From Egypt to Russia, from the desert to Siberia.


Format: 4K VR Stereo

Genre: Historical short program

Duration: 6'


Theme: This short program evokes the discovery of the wonders of ancient Egypt by Bonaparte's army. Archaeological discoveries are accompanied by epic battles against the Mamluks, the best known of which is the Battle of the Pyramids.

Fourteen years later, Napoleon decides to attack Russia, he enters Moscow. But the Tsar refuses to capitulate. Napoleon is obliged to order the retreat, it was terrible.  Historical legend will remember only the tragic crossing of the Berezina.


360 video  


The naval battle of the port of La Rochelle in 1798.

Format: 4K VR 

Genre: Historical short program

Duration: 2'


NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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