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METRONOME is a television adaptation of Lorant DEUTSCH's book, "  The Metronome  “, a bestseller in bookstores, sold nearly two million copies. Through 4 documentary programs of 52 minutes, broadcast in prime time, the aim is to tell the story of Paris over a period of 2000 years.


Paris, like Rome, was not built in a day, but gradually, over the centuries, transforming and growing to become the capital we know today. Very often we are unaware of its many faces of yesteryear, its anecdotes, its characters young and old, all those who have made and contributed to today's Paris. 

  : Docu-Fiction
Number of episodes
  : 4 X 52'
A production
  : France 5
  : Lorant DEUTSCH – Fabrice HOURLIER
  : Fabrice HOULIER

Le Métronome proposes to advance century by century, thanks to the metro stations, in order to discover the history of Paris by criss-crossing its arrondissements, through reconstructions of privileged moments of its past, mixing real images and computer-generated images. Beyond that is a bit of  the history of France which is revisited and offered to the curiosity of the public.

Each documentary deals with 5 centuries, through the exploration of 5 districts, told as a story by and with Lorant DEUTSCH.

Fictional sequences and reports answer and complement each other here in order to embark with Lorant Deutsch on his incredible time machine  !

NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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