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"In the name of Athens" develops in 2 films, mixing actors' games and computer-generated images, two major and complementary episodes of the Persian wars. Wars that opposed Greeks and Persians in the 5th century BC.

Attached to the footsteps of Themistocles, a brilliant and ambitious Greek, and to his incredible journey since the Battle of Marathon in -490 BC. JC until the Battle of Salamis in -480 BC. JC, and in parallel, to those of his Persian adversary Xerxes, this mini-series reconstructs two great battles of Greek antiquity, never before seen on television.

The Greeks are fighting for freedom and the defense of their young democracy against the forces  formidable forces of the Persian Empire, which came to subdue them. A duel between 2 men almost of the same age, but with such different origins and culture, a son of a King, against a son of Democracy.

  : Docu-Fiction
Number of episodes
  : 2 X 52'
A production
  : Arte
  : Stephanie HAUVILLE – Fabrice HOURLIER
  : Fabrice HOULIER

Actors: Jean-Pierre Michael (Themistocles), Marc Duret (Miltiades),  , Abdelhafid Metalsi (Darius I),  David Atrakchi (Xerxes I), Karl E. Lander (Aristodemus), Gurshad Shaheman (Mardonios), Jules Dousset (Philippides)

If the Battle of Salamis (episode 2) embodies the historical culmination of this terrible struggle, the Battle of Marathon is its "  prequel  (or ante-episode).
A story of independence, fight for freedom, resistance to the oppressor; a struggle waged in the name of ideals set up against a Persian imperialism, at the head of an immense army. A man who must prove his worth, a great King preoccupied with expansion, a traitor wanting to restore Tyranny, a son who wants to avenge his father with enormous means, faced with the courage of citizen-soldiers, hoplites with heroic behavior , ready to do anything to save their freedom!
Themistocle will get the better of Xerxes, while the victories of Marathon and Salamis foreshadow the creation of a Greek State, at the head of which Athens will radiate over the Aegean Sea.

NATIVES 11 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 PARIS FRANCE
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