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Here are two women in the trade of men, clashing in an extraordinary duel of 15 years, carried out at the speed of sound and with blows of large reactors on both sides of the Atlantic.


Jacqueline Auriol, the daughter-in-law of the President of the French Republic, never ceases to do battle with the impressive Jacqueline COCHRAN, the 1st woman to have taken the controls of a bomber, to have created the 1st female corps of the US Air Force during WWII, and the 1st woman to break the sound barrier  !


Endowed with an exceptional will and determination, Jacqueline COCHRAN is determined to be the fastest woman in the world. But Jacqueline AURIOL, graceful and elegant challenger, is just as  determined to take the title away from him. She is the first female test pilot, and proves to be terribly in love with speed, to the point of not being able to resist taking up this gauntlet of challenge.  !


They forsake worldliness [1] and the comfort of their situation to make aeronautics their passion. The two Jacquelines embody a new vision of the modern woman. They deployed unfailing energy, knew how to persevere without ever getting discouraged to achieve their goals...


  : Docu-Fiction
Number of episodes
  :  52'

Diffusion  : France 5
  : Stephanie HAUVILLE – Fabrice HOURLIER
  : Fabrice HOULIER

Narrator voice:  Jean-Pierre Michael 

Compete in a duel, have the spirit of competition, is it reserved for men  ?…Not always, in the middle of the 20th century, in the 50s and 60s, it became a women's affair  !


Two women, one name  …Jacqueline  ; the same passion… aviation, … the same determination  : to be the fastest woman in the world  !  "  Jacky against Jacky  » or the story of a frantic race for speed records, between Jacqueline COCHRAN, the American and Jacqueline AURIOL, the Frenchwoman, in the immediate post-war period.


A major issue  : the respective prestige of the wings of their country. 

Teaser EN

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